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Celonis Product Documentation

1. Preparing your Data Model
1.1 Checking your Data Model meets the prerequisites

Check your Data Model meets the prerequisites.

To process the right orders, you must have an appropriate Data Model in place. We strongly recommend you use the latest version of the Standard SAP ECC Order-to-Cash Process Connector. If you do not yet have a Data Model, you can import the recommended template from the available Templates in the Marketplace.

NOTE: If you already have a fully-validated Data Model, you can also start with that; remember though that you may need to make some small adjustments and will probably have to perform some customizations to get it working. For further information, see customizations.


If any of the tables in your Data Model have more than 30 million rows, you must restrict its size before the Data Model load. You do this by applying the open orders filter in the SQL transformations on tables VBAP, VBAK, and _CEL_O2C_ACTIVITES so only Open Orders are loaded in the Data Model. If you need more information about how to implement this, contact us

1.2 Connecting your App in Studio with the Data Model

Change the package variable (key: sap-ecc-order-to-cash-data-model) in your Studio package settings by assigning your Data Model.