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Celonis Product Documentation

4. Validating all actions are working

NOTE: The actions used in this section are predefined and included with the Order Management Execution App. To get started with extending these or building custom actions, see:

4.1 Validating standard actions

For the first setup, ensure the App is working properly by checking the following three actions work correctly.

IMPORTANT: If any of these actions do not work, please open a Service Desk ticket.

4.2 Updating the order status
  1. Select an order.

  2. ClickUpdate Order Status.

  3. Add a custom comment or note in the Order Status field.

  4. ClickExecute.

  5. Check the comment displays for the order in the Order Status column.

4.3 Creating a task for a colleague
  1. Select an order.

  2. ClickCreate New Task To User.

  3. Add your colleagues’ email address in the Assignee field.

  4. ClickExecute.

  5. Check the newly-created task displays in the Team Lead View with the Orders with Tasks.

4.4 Sending a pre-populated email via your mail client of choice
  1. Select an order with an open task.

  2. Click Send Email .

  3. Check if the pre-populated email opens in your mail client.