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Action View
User Profile

The Action View is configured to be used by an operational AP user responsible for processing invoices. Think of an Accounts Payable clerk or an accountant.

Purpose of the Action View
  • Provide an overview of personal invoice backlog with analytics about status and next best actions

  • Prioritize invoices based on the organization's target outcome

  • Provide transparency to the target and the impact of the team's invoice processing

  • Enable rapid, effective invoice processing with the necessary details for a single invoice and next-best-actions to resolve issues and drive toward the outcome

  • Enable execution of actions across source systems seamlessly without leaving the Execution App

User Interface and Functionalities

The Action View gives the Accounts Payable clerk an overview of the invoice backlog together with relevant KPIs and filters to narrow down the backlog


Next to the Action View's title, the currently selected priority KPI is shown, indicating that the invoice backlog is prioritized depending on respective invoice impact on the KPI


The backlog contains all invoices assigned to an Accounts Payable clerk, shown from the perspective of an AP manager who can see multiple employees' invoices


The invoice is shown together with freely configurable essential details as well as a priority level and its assignee


The invoice priority is assigned based on the impact an invoice is likely to have on the KPI currently prioritized by the AP management


The Execution App automatically analyzes each invoice for issues and flags them by showing open tasks


Each invoice can also be displayed in a detailed view, showing relevant information for this invoice


The detailed view also contains an overview of the line items of the selected invoice


The Execution App recommends one or multiple next best actions to drive the invoice forward and achieve the target outcome based on its analysis of both the invoice and the process


The actions can be executed seamlessly from the Execution App, without having to switch to a different system