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Celonis Product Documentation

Additional options
Cancel a migration

If you want to change the migration settings before a migration has run, you must first cancel the migration. You cannot cancel a migration or change the settings once the migration has started running.

To cancel a migration, click View migration details > Cancel migration in the banner at the top of Process Analytics when the migration is in queue.

Notify all users by email of the migration to Studio

You can send a system-generated email to all users notifying them of the migration. To do this, select the Notify all users by email of the migration to Studio checkbox when setting up your migration.

Below is what the email will look like. The team name and admin email will be adapted to your situation.

Unlock a workspace

By default, all workspaces and analyses will automatically be locked for editing after the migration has run successfully. This means all users have read-only access.


To unlock a workspace, click image10.png > Unlock image4.png in the workspace options menu.


Changes made to an unlocked workspace will not sync to Studio. You must copy the workspace to Studio again to avoid losing the changes.

Reorganize content in Studio

You can reorder packages within a space, or analyses within a package, by dragging and dropping them on the side panel.

To move a package to a different space:

  1. Make sure you are in Studio image22.png.

  2. On the package you want to move, click image10.png > Move to Space image7.png.

  3. Choose the target space from the dropdown.

  4. Click Move.


Moving packages using the above method is the only way to keep bookmarks. If you use Copy to image8.png, your bookmarks will not be copied with the package.

To move an analysis to a different package:

  1. Make sure you are in Studio image22.png.

  2. On the analysis you want to move, click image10.png > Copy to image8.png.

  3. Follow the steps to select the target team, space, and package.

  4. Click Copy.


The above method will not copy bookmarks. If you want to keep your bookmarks, you can use Content CLI to pull the bookmarks from the original analysis and push them into the copy. For more information, see the Content CLI documentation.