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Celonis Product Documentation

Adjusting Application.yml for Celonis Agent

Responsibility: Server/ infrastructure administrator (supported by Celonis team administrator)

Later Changes

It is still possible to change the name of the Agent and the limit of concurrent executions (Agent in general and SAP exclusively) after setting up the Agent (Advanced application.yml configuration).

The Celonis Agent comes in a zip file together with a “application.yml” file which stores the configuration needed to register the Agent in the Celonis team.

A Celonis team administrator has to provide the application key. The server/ infrastructure administrator has to update and save the application.yml file in the Agent package.

Configuration of application.yml file for Celonis Agent

The application.yml file that is part of the Celonis Agent package needs to be configured. Please see an example below:


  name: # required; change to prefered name

    app-key: #required; Celonis team Admin must create the app-key. Use this app-key here.
    teamDomain: #required
    env: #realm where the team is located; this can be eu-1, eu-2, us-1, us-2,...

proxy: # if in the host where agent is deployed outbound requests are not allowed and have to go through a proxy, please add the proxy details in this configuration
  enabled: false # false or true
  protocol: # proxy protocol (http, https), default https
  host: # proxy host, required if proxy enabled
  port: # proxy port, optional
  user: # proxy user, optional
  password: # proxy password, optional


Please see an example of a fully configured application.yml file below:

Example of a fully configured application.yml file

  name: agent-007 # required; change to prefered name
  id: 12234-5556777...

   app-key: OWZjMjdiOTAtZmJjKLjkweoisd89KKLJJilkSeV67219KKjpR...
   teamDomain: testteam
   env: eu-1

  enabled: true
  protocol: http
  port: 8090
  user: user1
  password: lwe&roi...


Make sure that there is always at least one blank space before the comments starting with "#".

Incorrect: "name: agent-007#required"

Correct: "name: agent-007 #required"

Communication from Celonis Agent

The destination URL of requests originating from Celonis Agent is: https://<teamDomain>.<env>*


Advanced application.yml configuration
Adjust concurrent executions limit and activate additional logs

There are some additional configuration options that can be used in the application.yml if required.

Example to limit Agent concurrent executions

  name: agent-007 # required; change to prefered name
  id: 12234-5556777...
  concurrent-executions: 200 # you can adjust the number of concurrent executions, default: 100
Enable Logs for Debugging

Example to change logging settings

  level: debug # you can enable additional logs for the agent, these can be helpful when debugging errors, default: disabled
Rename the Agent

You can rename the Agent by following the steps below:

  1. Open the yml file

  2. Adjust the name

  3. Delete the id row

  4. Restart the Agent

Example to change name

  name: agent-007

The Agent will then register with the new name and a new id will be automatically created

Please note that the update can take some time before being effective.


Please make sure to update the Skills which are using the Agent accordingly and reselect the right Agent in the Agent dropdown.

Adjust concurrent executions limits for SAP

To limit the SAP executions adjust the limit

Example to limit SAP concurrent executions

        concurrent-executions: <value> # you can adjust the number of concurrent SAP executions, default: 100