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Celonis Product Documentation

Admin and Settings


Admin and Settings is an application only team members with the Administrator role can use.

It offers a host of options to configure the team:

  • Settings - General team settings like team privacy and IP ranges.

  • Single-Sign On - Use a third-party identity provider to log into the team, it also covers user import.

  • Users - Add, remove and lock team users.

  • Groups - Structure your users in groups.

  • Applications - Application Keys are user-independent API keys.

  • Permissions - Set service permissions on all parts of the platform.

  • User Locking Policy - The ability to lock stale user accounts.

  • License - Current license information on the team.

  • Notifications - Notifications to which the admin can subscribe.

  • System : Uplink integrations - Connect on-premise connectors or a Celonis 4 Uplink.

  • Permissions Overview - View that allows admins to understand where their permission is applied (Feature on request).

  • User Adoption Views - View showing monthly and weekly active users.

  • Admin Section - Items below this section cannot be configured in the variable admin template.

    • Audit logs - Browse and export audit logs on the team.

    • Login History - When enabled this tracks login activity.



To learn more about Admin and Settings, see the free online training from Celonis Academy: Administer the EMS: Security, Permissions, Governance (45 min).