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Celonis Product Documentation

Agent Monitoring

Responsibility: Celonis analyst or server/ infrastructure administrator

After the Celonis Agent has been successfully set up, you can continuously monitor them in the global Agent page.

Monitor Agent Status

The status of the Agent can be tracked directly within Celonis in the Agents tab.

Download Agent logs

Upon start of the Celonis Agent, a folder for logs will be created in the directory where the Agent is located. One log file (text file) per day will be created.


Events will be logged in UTC.

The Agent logs can also be downloaded directly within Celonis.

  • Go to the Agents page

  • Click on the three dots on the right hand side of the Agent

  • Select ' Download Agent Logs'

Configure Alerts

You can subscribe to alerts for the Celonis Agent in the Agents tab.

  • Click on the three dots menu on the right hand side and select "Configure Alerts"

  • Click on "Subscribe" to approve

You will receivean email alert when the Celonis Agent is disconnected.


Events will be logged in UTC.

You can unsubscribe by following the same steps.