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Celonis Product Documentation

Agent Testing

Responsibility: Celonis analyst (supported by other roles)

Below you can find some suggested steps to perform testing.

Confirm that Celonis Agent can reach Celonis
  1. Start the Celonis Agent

  2. Navigate to the logs file of the Celonis Agent. In case the Agent can reach your Celonis team, you will read the following message:

    <Celonis Agent started polling for tasks>

    Note: If the Celonis Agent successfully registered in the Celonis team, you can also directly download the logs in the team (see Agent Monitoring). You will also find the Agent shown in the list of Agents in your team.


Registering agent. Configuration details - Agent name: sap-prod-agent
Successfully registered agent with id: 123, name: sap-prod-agent and version: 1.0
Started to poll for tasks.
Confirm that Celonis Agent can reach the on-premise system
Case 1: SAP System
  1. Open Celonis Studio

  2. Create an Action Flow

  3. Choose the 'Make an RFC Call' action for SAP

  4. Add your SAP Connection

  5. Enter a BAPI

If the fields are loaded as you can see on the right side, the Celonis Agent can communicate with the SAP system.


  • If the BAPIs are not loaded, you can find further details when downloading the Celonis Agent logs (see Logs of Celonis Agent).

  • It can for example indicate that your SAP user does not have the required permissions. Please check SAP and SAP User Role CELONIS/AUTOMATION_BASIS

Case 2: Other System
  1. Open Celonis Studio

  2. Create an Action Flow

  3. Choose an action for the source system that you would like to connect

  4. Add your connection

  5. Define the required fields

  6. Save and click on 'Run Once'


  • If the execution fails, please check the error message in the logs.