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Celonis Product Documentation

Analysis overview

For longtime customers

  • We integrated the capability to create an "Analysis" (which you may be familiar with from Process Analytics or Celonis 4) in Studio.

  • If you have worked in Process Analytics or Celonis 4 before and would like to migrate your existing analyses to the Studio please follow the steps described here on how to migrate analyses from Process Analytics to Studio.

  • EMS teams that provisioned after 15th of April 2021 are provisioned without the Process Analytics service, but with the Studio and the capability to create Analysis assets in Studio and thus the same capabilities are available.

Handling large Integers

We do not support very large integers (>2^53) in the Analysis asset. The resolution is to use the TO_STRING function on the integer data.

Creating an analysis in Studio

  1. Create a new package.

  2. Add an Analysis.

  3. Link the analysis to a data model or to a Knowledge Model (currently in beta, available on request).

To learn more about the Analysis capabilities, see Analyses.Analyses