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Analyze an Eventlog From Your Local File

Do you want to optimize the process and you have the data in a local file on your computer?

Follow this Kickstarter tutorial to learn how to analyze the Eventlog from a .csv or .xlsx file.

Step by Step

Step 1. Upload the file in Data Integration

  1. Go to Data Integration.

  2. Create a Data Pool.

  3. Navigate to file uploads.

  4. Add a new file.

  5. Configure the file format.

  6. Upload the file (Read more on File Uploads).

Step 2. Create the Process Data Model for your file

  1. Go to Data Integration.

  2. Open a Data Pool.

  3. Navigate to the Data Models section.

  4. Create a new Data Model.

  5. Add the uploaded table to the Data Model.

  6. Load the Data Model (Read more on Process Data Models).

Step 3. Analyze the data

  1. Go to Process Analytics.

  2. Create a workspace and an analysis.

  3. Start exploring your data with charts, graphs, and tables (Read more on Analyses).Analyses