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App & Package Architecture
View Architecture

The OCM app contains one view which is directly accessible for the business user.

Action View

This is the main view your business users access for their daily tasks; all other views in the app are accessible via the Action View.

Thereby, we distinguish between the Embedded Views, Dynamically Filtered Views and Profile Views widgets.

  • The Embedded Views folder contains Views defining the standard layout and components which are reused in multiple other views.

  • The Dynamically Filtered Views folder contains views that have a PQL filter included using the record variable functionality. This setup in combination with embedding these views without filter sharing, allows to see all open invoices for a specific vendor.

  • Profile Views are specific to a record; when opened, a profile view shows information for one item. The OCM app has one profile view to show details about Credit Memos

All three types are only reused in other views and are not directly accessible for the business user.

Settings View

The Settings view provides configuration options for all runtime variables. Once an app is published, adjustments of a runtime variable in the Studio doesn’t impact the published version on “Apps”.

Hence, in order to allow for instance the update of the currency after the first publishing, the Settings View can be used.


Updates on this settings page on runtime variables are not user specific but will be applied to all users.



Default Currency to which the invoice amounts should be converted

Aging Threshold (Month)

18 (month)

The number of months after which the credit memo becomes a potential uncollectible debt and has to be written off.

Free-Cash-Flow Threshold (Month)

12 (month)

The maximum aging threshold in months that is used for Free-Cash-Flow Calculation. The typical assumption is that after this time (e.g. one year) the credit memo is likely to be forgotten and the risk increases that the credit memo has to be written off.

Credit Memo Clearing Baseline

180 (days)

The average weighted time (in days) credit memos it took to clear credit memos in the previous 365 days. While this can be changed via an input, Celonis recommends the input based on actual data.