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Celonis Product Documentation

App Installation

Perform the steps below to install the App from the Marketplace:

  1. Search for the App on the Marketplace: Enter Shipped Not Invoiced in the search bar to locate the app. Open the App and click the “Request Access” or “Install” button to start the installation.

  2. Choose a Space: During the initial installation of the App from the Marketplace, you can either create a new space into which the App is downloaded (e.g. Order Management) or use existing space. Click “Confirm” to proceed.

  3. Set the dependency to the Starter Kit: In the tab "Dependencies," click on "Add dependency" and search for the Order Management Starter Kit. Select it and confirm with "Save".


    Switch back to the tab "Variables" and confirm that the plain text variables and their values, which have been configured as part of the Starter Kit setup, are present. See the section App & Package Architecture for details on the Order Management Starter Kit dependency.

  4. Assign a data model to the data model variable: In the tab "Variables" assign your SAP Order to Cash (see section Datapool Setup ) data model to the Data Model variable.

  5. Publish the app: To allow for task creation, and display augmented attributes in a table or open profile views, the Knowledge Model and related Skills and Profile Views need to be published first.


The Action View table will only work after the package has been published the first time as it contains augmented attributes and tasks.