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Celonis Product Documentation

App Installation


For the Master Data Improvement app to work properly, the IM Starter Kit is required. If you have not yet installed the Starter Kit, please check out the related documentation.

The first step to setting up the Master Data Improvement app is to install it from the EMS Marketplace.

  • Search for "IM Master Data Improvement" in the EMS Marketplace and locate the MDI app in the search results.

  • MDI and all other Inventory Management apps can be found by quick filtering for the Inventory Management Process as well.


After opening the detail view of the app, you can click on the blue button to install it, and as the next step, define the space you want to install it.


The IM Starter Kit app, listed as a “Mandatory Resource” on the right, contains the Master Knowledge Model for MDI. For MDI to work properly, the Starter Kit must be installed and a dependency referencing the installed package must be created in MDI.

If you need to implement the Inventory Management Starter Kit, please click here. For more information please refer to the Starter Kit documentation.

Data Model Variable

Please update the data model variable to the Inventory Management Data Model in your team. This variable is referenced inside of the Knowledge Model, essentially connecting the PQL queries from the Knowledge Model (KM) to the Data Model.


Dependency to IM Starter Kit

For the app to work properly and to leverage any customizations already made during implementations of other Inventory Management apps, your deployment of the IM Master Data Improvement app must be connected to your instance of the IM Starter Kit app.

Please note that this would only take into account Knowledge Model customizations which are actually stored in the IM Starter Kit app. Any change in logic which is stored in another dependent app, e.g. the IM Control Center, will only be considered if said customization is stored in the Master Knowledge Model in the IM Starter Kit app.

To set up this dependency, navigate to the Dependencies tab in the settings where you just set the data model variable and click Add dependencies (1).


Upon clicking the button a list of all available packages across your Celonis spaces will display. You can search for the IM Starter Kit in the top right corner (2). Select the Starter Kit from the list of your results (3) and click Save (4).


If you have multiple versions of the IM Starter Kit in your search results, look at their “Version” and “Type” columns to find the right entry.

If the dependency was successfully created, your Dependencies tab should look like this:


Further, any view in the app should now display proper values and the “Data Model not loaded” error message should have disappeared.

If you still see this error message after setting up the dependency please check our FAQ section.