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Celonis Product Documentation

App Technical Recap

  • Backend

    • Extractions: see below

    • Transformations: see below

    • O2C

      Ideally SAP which is the App’s default.

      • Shipment_Network table

        • This is the main table. It is used as a connection between the shipment, emission and sales order tables.

        • Also used in the Network Explorer component to view the shipments visually with arcs between locations.

      • Unique_Shipping_Stages table

        • This table includes all unique shipment stages (unique combination of departure city - arrival city - transport mode) which are used for calculating the emissions.

        • Used in most emissions views/components.

      • Transport_sections_emissions table

        • Includes emissions for the unique shipment stages

        • Content is the result from the API

        • Used in most emissions views/components

      • Transport_sections_emissions_route table (copy of the above table)

        • Used in simulation components, to show alternative transport modes

        • Content is same as previous table (Transport_sections_emissions table) but with different join (transport mode is not considered)

  • Frontend

    • The Studio App, which can be found on Marketplace as “Shipping Emissions Reduction”. Contains:

      • Several Views

      • KM

      • Skills