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Automation Release Notes

On October 1, 2022, Microsoft began a gradual deprecation of its current basic authorization protocol. Full deprecation of the basic authorization protocol is going to happen as of 1st of January, 2023.

To solve this issue, we have upgraded our email app to support a new type of connection: Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth. By using this new selection choice, you will be able to create new connections to existing Microsoft email accounts.


If you use Microsoft as Email provider in the Action Flows Email app, make sure to update your connections using Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth before the 1st of January, 2023.

To update your connection type:

  1. Go to the Action Flow and enter the “Edit” mode.

  2. Click the “Email” module where Microsoft is used as the email provider.

  3. In the “Connection” field, click Add to create a new connection (if not created before for another Action Flow in this package).

  4. As the connection type, select Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth.

  5. Accept all requested permissions.

  6. Repeat this for all “Email” modules with Microsoft as the email provider.


    The connection created in step 4 can be reused for all Action Flows in the same package.

  7. Click Save and publish the Action Flows to apply your changes.

If you have any questions, reach out to Celonis support.

Full-text search in Action Flow execution history enables you to find the right execution and troubleshoot more effectively. You can search the execution history of a single Action Flow for any term used in any output of any module. Click a result to go directly to the exact execution with a specific focus on the exact module and bundle that included the search term.


Live log for running Action Flows

When creating and testing Action Flows, use the the live logs to help you spot errors in the configuration more quickly and easily.


Receive notifications for your Action Flows

You can now subscribe yourself to notification emails to stay connected and up to date with your Action Flows.

  • Errors: Get notified of errors encountered by specific modules in your Action Flows that keep your workflows from running smoothly.

  • Warnings: Get notified of warnings encountered by your Action Flows that need your attention, such as failure to connect with your apps and services.

  • Deactivations: Get notified when your Action Flows get deactivated due to critical issues such as multiple consecutive errors.


Notification settings apply at package level.


By default, notifications are activated for errors and deactivations. This means that, by default, all users with package permission will automatically receive notifications for the Action Flows in their package. Users can de/activate notifications from themselves by going to the Notifications settings on the package.We recommend to pay attention to these notifications and take action directly in Studio.

New 'Create PDF Report' Action

This action creates a pdf report of your Studio analysis that can be sent e.g. via email to your colleagues. You can find the full documentation here.


1. Clear separation of published and edit mode

Action Flows are no longer editable in published mode. A summary of the setup module can be seen instead.

2. New 'Incomplete Executions' tab

You can enable this function in the Action Flow settings panel Action Flow settings panel. This new tab helps users to inspect incomplete executions and resolve them. Find detailed instructions and information in Incomplete executions.

3. Webhooks Global Page improvements

You are now able to delete items of the queue and navigate easily back to the overview page.


1. General Help Page

If you press the Help button (?) you will now either be forwarded to the specific help page or to our general help page where you can navigate to the pages you need to see. Previously if there wasn't a specific help page you were forwarded to 404 Page not found.

2. HTTP On-Prem URL extension

The URL field is now relative to the url in the system connection to allow for specific URL extensions (e.g with our system connection /ems/platform/action-flows/ would lead to


New Toolbar

We changed the toolbar within Action Flows. The new Toolbar will help you to:

  • Navigate easily between draft and published versions.

  • Find the right features faster in the new tab mode with textual tags.

  • Keep track of the current state of running once.

Duplicate Action Flows

You can now duplicate your Action Flows.


Update of the SAP module

See here for more detailed information.

New Actions in the SAP module

You can now find a lot of new SAP Actions in the SAP module. The following actions are new or updated:

  • Change Material Action.

  • Add Purchase Order Item Action.

  • Release Purchase Order Action.

  • Change Purchase Order Item Action.

  • Delete Purchase Order Item Action.

  • Revoke Deletion Action (Purchase Order Item).

  • Add Purchase Requisition Item Action.

  • Change Purchase Requisition Item Action (more possibilities, e.g. change desired vendor).

  • Set Billing Block (Sales Order) Action.

  • Remove Billing Block (Sales Order) Action.

  • Change Sales Order Item Action (more possibilities, e.g. change arrival time).

  • Reject Sales Order Item Action.

  • Create Delivery from Sales Order Action.

  • Create Deliver from Sales Order Item Action.

  • Remove Delivery Block Action (from delivery).

  • Complete Open Correspondences Action.

  • Change Outline Agreement Action.

Update of the Action Flows Placeholder

Find more detailed information here.

The Action Flow Placeholder Symbol changed to a plus instead of the previous question mark symbol.

Update in Celonis Query Data

Find more detailed information here.

  • Possibility of connecting without an App Key Connection.

  • Filters are not part of the advanced settings anymore but part of the basic settings now.

  • No Iterator after the Query Data model necessary anymore as the Output is not a table anymore.

New Action: HTTP (On-Prem)

Find more detailed information here.

What's HTTP (On-Prem)?

  • The HTTP app provides various modules for communication based on Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web.

  • Enables Users to automate in almost every custom on-prem system existing

Automation Release 14.06.2021
Action Flows Release

For more information, see Action Flows.

Use Action Flows to automate daily tasks and create smart automations by infusing real-time analytics into automations. With the successful integration of Integromat into the EMS, Action Flows are available to you now.

Find some more information on how to start and use them


  • Highly stable and scalable technology used by 500,000+ users

  • Extremely user-friendly drag-and-drop Action Flow builder

  • 10,000+ pre-built automations for 700+ web applications

  • Pre-built automations for many operational systems (SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, Coupa, SAP Ariba, Workday, Salesforce, Salesloft, Outreach, Marketo, Pardot)

  • Advanced error handling and tools

  • Scheduled executions (e.g. every minute, every Monday at 9 am)


  • If you are a direct Celonis customer, Action Flows are activated in your EMS team

  • If you are a direct Celonis customer, you receive access to Action Flows within its limits of free use

  • Action Flows will include all functional capabilities that were available in Action Engine and Process Automation (and many more)

  • New automation features will be developed for Action Flows only

Action Flows can be accessed via the Celonis Studio.