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Best practices for ML Workbench

This page gives you an overview in a couple of best practices for ML Workbench.

Application Keys

Application Keys/API Keys: In order to connect to a Data Model you need an Application Key or API Key. It is best practice to use an Application Key. The Application Key can be generated by an Administrator in the Admin and Settings. If you want to use a personal API Key, you can generate one in your profile settings. However, personal API Keys should only be used for private Workbenches that are not shared with others. See here how to set up an Application Key in the Workbench.

IP restrictions

When you are using IP restrictions in the EMS and want to use the ML Workbench, the outbound IP of the Workbench needs to be excepted.

One way to find this IP is to run the following command on the terminal of your MLWB:


For adding it to the Admin and Settings in the allowed IPs, add /32 after the IP and paste it in the allowed IPs field. (e.g. →

For reference, below, you can see a list of all possible IPs.


ML Nodes

ML Clusters









API endpoints for managing the ML Workbench

We are offering endpoints to trigger executions, manage resources (dedicated Workbench only) and more. Check the documentation here:


Upgrading a MLWB

Workbenches can be upgraded to the latest version (e.g. to get new features for Jupyter Lab) using the context menu in the MLWB overview page.


Upgrading a Workbench will have no impact on the files on '/home/jovyan'. This includes user generated files and logfiles. Also, no changes to the versions of the already installed python libraries are made.

In case of a bigger change (e.g. upgrading the version of python) an additional message is displayed asking for the confirmation of the user.

Storage guidelines and tips

Initial Storage

  • Default MLW App boots with 5GB Storage total, 1.2GB already used.

    Figure 2. Initial Storage bar on a new MLW App
    Initial Storage bar on a new MLW App

  • This is 5GB per MLW App, not 5GB shared across all MLW Apps of a team.

  • The 1.2GB used from the start are for the MLW setup (same as a new 64GB iPhone which only has 58GB available because of the iOS storage).

Storage tips

Current Storage

To view the largest files/folders, you can use the Terminal and run any of these:

  • For Overview top 10 top-level folders in nice format:

    du -hsx * | sort -rh | head -1
  • For Detailed top 10 any folders in raw format:

    du -a /home/jovyan | sort -n -r | head -n 10

Cleaning/Deleting Storage

For deleting folders, since it isn't possible with the typical right-click, you can use the Terminal and run:

rm -rf foldername


Make sure you reference the folder with absolute path or correct relative path.