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Celonis Product Documentation

Checklist Based Connection Test to SAP


This feature requires minimum Extractor version of 2021-02-15.

When setting up the connection to SAP system a lot of things can go wrong. To help the user in troubleshooting, a new connection test UI has been implemented. It shows which test step exactly went wrong during the connection test, and also has a link to a Help article with tips on how to solve the issue.

Below is an example of how the connection test works. In this scenario the connection test to the RFC Module in SAP failed, and the user can find some potential root causes in a dedicated help article, by clicking on the button Help.


The url is mapped to an anchor in Celonis Help. The anchored section provides the most probable cause for the error, and how to resolve it. In this case the connection test failed because the user lacks Authorisations, and the help article explains how to add those rights.

The same logic is implemented for all the steps that are displayed in the checklist.