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Celonis Product Documentation

Configuration: Logging, Extensions and Integrations
Event Processing Rules
  • Event Processing Rules: On this page, you need to specify the event processing rules that define which events, attributes, and screenshots should be logged. For setting up the Event Processing Rules, you can either use the visual editor or the text editor. Please note, that changes in the visual editor will also change the text editor and vice versa.

  • Snippet Split Time: The time threshold for splitting event sequences into snippets. If the elapsed time between two consecutive events exceeds this limit, the later event will be assigned to a new snippet.

  • Idle Waiting Time: The user is considered absent if there is no keyboard or mouse input during this period of time. SINCE 2.4.1

  • Alive Interval: The time, in minutes, between alive events. SINCE 2.4.1

  • Use UIAA: Enable this option to extract additional information on controls using UIAA. SINCE 2.0.4

  • Use Native URL Retrieval: Enable this option to directly extract URLs from browsers without additional extensions. SINCE 2.4.1

Startup Mode
  • Minimize Task Mining's Window When It Starts: The Celonis Task Mining desktop application will always be started with a minimized application window. Note: The application window can always be restored by clicking the system tray icon.

  • Startup Mode: Sets how the Task Mining should be started manually or automatically. The user has always the possibility to start or stop Task Mining, manually. In this case, the automatic start is disabled until it is explicitly reactivated by the user.

    Possible values:

    • Start Task Mining manually: Task Mining must be manually started/stopped by the user.

    • Start Task Mining automatically on application start: Task Mining automatically starts after the startup of the Task Mining desktop application. Note: Task Mining is only started if the user previously accepted the legal terms.

    • Start Task Mining during working hours:DEPRECATED (since 1.2.7)

  • Use Legacy Screenshot Capturing: Enable this option to use legacy screenshot capturing. Note: This option is only recommended for older Windows versions (before Windows 10, release 1903). SINCE 1.2.7

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Extensions


Receive Data From All Extensions: Activate this option to receive events sent by Celonis Task Mining Extensions. SINCE 1.0.2

  • Web Page Data Extractions: This page allows to specify custom rules for the Task Mining extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge which extract additional context information from a website. SINCE 1.1.7

    List of WebPageDataExtraction


    • Key: The key of the extraction

    • URL: The URL to filter down

    • Path: The XPath expression describing the data field to extract

SAP integration
  • Retrieve SAP Data: Enables the SAP integration of Task Mining. Task Mining will then retrieve detailed information from the SAP GUI. This requires SAP GUI Scripting to be enabled. SINCE 1.2.1

  • Number of Retry Attempts: The number of retry attempts, in case Task Mining failed to establish the connection to the SAP GUI. SINCE 1.2.1

  • Waiting Time for Retry: The time in milliseconds that Task Mining waits before it retries to establish a connection to the SAP GUI. SINCE 1.2.1

  • SAP Process Monitor Interval: The time interval with that Task Mining checks for a running SAP GUI instance. SINCE 1.2.1

  • Dynamically Enable Native Windows Dialogs for SAP GUI Scripting: Dynamically enables the native Windows dialogs for SAP GUI scripting. Warning: This feature affects the way how SAP GUI is working. It is only recommended if the users record and execute SAP GUI scripts while running Task Mining. SINCE 2.6.0

User Consent
  • Consent Text: The text of the user consent. This text will be shown to the user on the first start of task mining and has to be accepted prior to using the application. SINCE 2.0.4

  • Link to Additional Information: Here you can provide a URL to link to additional information on your task mining project. This can be for example be the privacy policy of your company or the project description. The task mining users can open this link directly from the consent screen. SINCE 2.0.4

  • Label of Consent Checkbox: The label of the checkbox that has to be checked by the user to accept the consent. SINCE 2.0.4