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Celonis Product Documentation

Connect an SAP Process

This setup guide shows you how to connect your SAP system, import the necessary data for process analysis, and identified areas with the potential for improvement. Based on the process insights gained with Celonis, you will be able to directly trigger actions within your SAP ECC system.

You'll learn here how to connect an SAP process by:

  • configuring the SAP Extractor.

  • installing the SAP process connector from the App Store.

  • running the Celonis on-Prem Agent.

  • The RFC module is installed in the SAP system that you would like to connect to.

  • You have an on-premise Extractor server set up to host the on-premise extractor.

  • The firewalls are correctly configured.

Further information

See the help page on SAP ECC connections for more details.

The steps are:

Step 1. Create an endpoint in the EMS team
  1. Go to Team Settings.

  2. Select Uplink Integrations.

  3. Click Connect New System".

  4. Type a name for your connection.

  5. Click Connector.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Copy the client ID and client secret to a local file.

  8. Click Finish.

Step 2. Download and configure on-premise Extractor
  1. Go to the SAP extractor versions page in the EMS help space.

  2. Download the SAP extractor package.

  3. Unzip the extractor package and move it to a folder.

    You can choose any location on the server that you have access to.

  4. Update the application-local.yml configuration file:

    • Copy and paste the client ID and client secret.

    • Change the realm and the team subdomain in the URL.

Step 3. Execute the on-premise Extractor
  1. Run the install.bat script to install and run the service.

  2. In Team Settings, go to Uplink Integrations.

  3. Wait at least 30 seconds and then check that the connection status is green.

Step 4. Install the SAP process connector from the App Store
  1. Go to the App Store.

  2. Select the process connector you want to use.

  3. Click Install.

  4. When seeing the steps of the installation, click on "install" again.

  5. Click on Create new SAP connection.

  6. Choose a name and the uplink extractor that you just created.

  7. Fill in the remaining details to connect to your SAP system.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Modify the connection parameters; for example, the time frame.

  10. Click on Open Data Pool.

  11. Navigate to Data Jobs.

  12. Select Execute Data Job.

  13. Select Reload all data.

  14. Click Execute.

Step 5. Run the Celonis On-Prem Agent

To execute actions in SAP through Celonis Process Automation workflows you need to configure the Celonis on-Prem Agent. This is already included in the download for Celonis SAP Extractor.

It provides a secure way for Celonis to selectively access customer-authorized on-premise apps. You'll probably need help from a Server and Infrastructure Administrator.