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Celonis Product Documentation

Connect to SAP

This step is only required when automating in SAP.

If you don't want to connect to SAP, you can skip this step.

Responsibility: SAP basis and server/ infrastructure administrator

The SAP basis team will usually provide the required SAP packages. The server/ infrastructure administrator has to update and save the files in the Agent package.

Administrator permissions will be necessary in order to perform the following steps on your system.

Install JCo

The Celonis Agent needs to establish a connection to the SAP system and be able to make RFC calls. For this purpose we use an industry standard library - The SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) - which is maintained and published by SAP itself. The JCo library should be downloaded and setup separately.

This involves two steps:

  1. Download the respective package from the SAP Marketplace. The minimum JCo version is 3.1. This step should be performed by someone who has an SAP Service User (S User), which authorizes the user to download software from SAP portals. Usually, customer's SAP BASIS has this access.

  2. Copy the Library files into the dedicated folder in the Celonis Agent Package. The Library contains two files: a Java part “sapjco3.jar” and an operating system-specific part e.g. sapjco3.[.dll | .so | .sl ]. After downloading the files make sure to copy the two files to the libraries/external folder. The Celonis Agent is configured to read the Library from this directory.


Make sure to select the correct operational system (e.g. Windows) when downloading the JCo.


If you already had a SAP user working with Agent versions older than 1.0.0, please make sure to adjust the permission of the user by adding RFC_METADATA_GET as specified here SAP User Role CELONIS/AUTOMATION_BASIS.

SAP User Permissions

For more details, have a look at SAP User Role CELONIS/AUTOMATION_BASIS.

SAP Automation Package

OPTIONAL: Celonis provides a SAP Automation package for specific use cases. For more details, have a look at SAP Automation Package.