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Celonis Product Documentation

Contacting Support

To contact our Celonis Support team, you have the following options:

Table 18. Global Phone and Email Support



Service Times

9 am – 5 pm (CET)

9 am (EST) – 5 pm (PST)


English, German



+49 (0)89416159677


Support Portal

Please include the following items in your issue description:

  • Browser used, including version (e.g., Google Chrome Version 113.0)

  • URL used to access the system. Sometimes, there can be more than one URL to reach a single installation. This will help to identify the installation you are trying to access.

  • User name used to logon

  • Screenshot of the error message/situation

  • If available: Support-ID of the error message

Please DO NOT share any passwords or private information with our Support team.

For additional information, please refer to SUPPORT SERVICES AND SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT available under Terms and Conditions on the official Celonis website.

Status Monitoring

For real-time status updates about Celonis products, see: Status Monitoring.

Legal Notes

For an overview of our legal notes, see: Legal Notes.