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Celonis Product Documentation

Content Types in the Marketplace

Pre-built content serves all customer needs to accelerate value captured with Celonis, from ready-to-use Apps, to connectors, to templates for solution customization.



Apps are ready-to-use and purpose-built to maximize execution capacity in specific departments and processes. They include process mining technology that extracts data in real-time from source systems to identify and visualize the execution gaps. Additionally, Execution Apps leverage machine learning and execution best practices to suggest the best next steps, and they take action by automating real-time actions across systems and by deploying the right people to remove gaps.

Accelerating value realized with Celonis

Apps accelerate the time to value by providing ready-to-use solutions for specific use cases. Apps are built leveraging the expertise of Celonis and its partners from hundreds of implementations and aim to capture the most common execution gaps.

How to install from the Marketplace?

Apps provided by Partners will have a different installation process for each partner. In the Marketplace, you will find a “Request Access” button, that will open a form that will be sent to the respective Partner. The Partner and your Celonis representative will reach out to you and will indicate the next steps.

Apps provided by Celonis can be installed directly from the Marketplace. Follow these easy steps:

  • In the app details page, click Get it Now


    If you do not have permission to install apps, you can request the installation of any app with their admin. To do so, click Request Installation From Your Admin. If the app is already installed, you can request view permissions by clicking Request View Permissions in EMS From Admin.

To create a new Workspace

  1. From the dropdown, select New Space.

  2. Enter the Space name.

  3. Select a Package Variable.

A variable is used to store information on the package level and it can be referenced across the package, inside the different assets. By storing the Data Model, connections (and more to come) inside variables and referencing the variables inside assets. Please consider that you can easily change the variable value once and all of the usages will get updated automatically.

Apps always need to be connected to Data Model variables (this variable is referenced inside of the Knowledge Model, essentially connecting the PQL queries from the KM to the Data Model). Please consider that Data Model variables are included in Connectors; the App highlights in the Detail Page the Connector suggestion for the App to work properly.

Please ask your Data Engineer if you are not sure which Data Model variables to use.



Process connectors contain pre-built extraction and transformation capabilities. This means that once connected to a source system, they extract the relevant data, reconstruct the event log and create the Data Model required to load data to the data store. To do this, process connectors are customized per source system and per process. Celonis’ institutional knowledge and experience is used to package the most common implementation variation, however, once installed, process connectors can easily be tailored to meet the needs of system customizations.

Accelerating value realized with Celonis

With connectors built for specific processes and source systems, you will accelerate your time to value by creating Data Models within minutes.

How to install from the Marketplace?

You can install a Process Connector directly from the Marketplace. In the details page of the connector, click on ‘Install Process Connector’ and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. See more information in Process Connector Availability within Data Integration.

Find more information on Connectors and Data Integration in this article.



You can find all apps that are compatible with a connector at the bottom of the connector page

Action Flow templates


Action Flows enrich the EMS platform by providing out-of-the-box integrations and intelligent automation to trigger actions in numerous operational systems like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce. In order to kickstart your Action Flow implementation, we provide frequently used templates.

The snippets can be used as an inspiration on how key modules can be used in various use cases. Action Flows provided by Celonis can be downloaded directly from the Marketplace.

To download a blueprint, click Download on the details page.

  • On the details page, click Download clicking on "Download" from the details page. The blueprint can be imported directly into the EMS. For more information, see How to deal with Blueprints.



Celonis Experiences are third-party connections to Celonis that help you turn insight into Action. These tools connect insight from Celonis into the platforms you use daily to get work done.

Power BI Connector

Bring the power of the Celonis Execution Management System directly into Microsoft Power BI. The Celonis EMS Connector for Power BI enables the consumption of valuable process insights generated from the Celonis EMS into Power BI to enlighten reporting. This connector will help you accelerate business transformation, surfacing actionable insights to your Power BI users.

What can you do with the Celonis EMS Connector for Power BI?

  • Connect to a Celonis EMS Team from Power BI Desktop

  • List all published Knowledge Models and Records defined in those Knowledge Models

  • Retrieve process insights from a Record defined in a Knowledge Model into Power BI

  • Perform your custom reporting and monitoring in Power BI by displaying process insights and Celonis KP through familiar Power BI visuals.