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Celonis Product Documentation

Create Dependency

You must create dependencies between the Starter Kit knowledge models and the Inflation Monitor App. Once done, the Inflation Monitor can be used.

Create dependency between Starter Kit and Inflation Monitor
  1. On the Inflation Monitor App go to settings→ dependencies→ add dependency.

  2. Now add the Procurement Starter Kit as a dependency.

These steps will give visibility to the Starter Kit assets. Once done, the Inflation Monitor can be used.



If you have a problem with the Inflation Monitor App, you may need to update the knowledge model. Read the next section for more information. Otherwise, you can continue from Validating the Knowledge Model

Update the Knowledge Model

On the Inflation Monitor package, you will find a KM already created to be used on specific customization for the App. Make sure, and copy the key of the Purchase to Pay Knowledge Model on Knowledge Model the App, and publish the package.

  1. See the Key of the Starter Kit Knowledge Model on the first screenshot. Also, the key on the Inflation Monitor KM. Both should be the same without any line referencing the version of the extension. Only in case, there is an error the version of the Starter Kit package should be added.


Once the key has been updated the KM can be saved and the package published.