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Create KPI Calculations

It is also possible to:

  • Create KPIs for different processes within one analysis.

  • Filter across multiple processes.

  • Create KPIs across multiple processes.

Metrics from different Event Logs in one Analysis
Filter across multiple processes

When the cases of different processes are connected, users can filter and discover dependencies across processes.

The example below shows that by filtering on one Purchase Order Item also the Order-To-Cash Process is filtered and the related Sales Order Item to this Purchase Order Item is shown.

Metrics across different Event Logs

There are no limitations to calculating cross-process statistics. Typical questions could be:

  • How do KPIs between different processes correlate? How often for example are complaints in the service process filed for parts produced in the manufacturing process?

  • How do process KPIs like Throughput Time correlate across processes?

  • How much time passes from one process to another?

As we have seen in the filtering example, the Celonis PQL behavior is the same for Multi-Event Log as before. To compare the throughput times, one could simply calculate the throughput times per process and then choose from the over 150 PQL functions to run statistical analysis on both data sets.