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Celonis Product Documentation

Creating Application Key for Celonis Agent

Responsibility: Celonis team administrator

For Celonis Agent to be able to authenticate to your Celonis team, you need to create an application key. This application key will be used to register the Celonis Agent to your Celonis team.

Permissions for Celonis Agent

After the application key has been created, you will have to grant the permission to this key to register new Agents to your Celonis team. For this please grant the "Register Agents" permission for Automation:

  1. Go to "Admin and Settings" in your Celonis team

  2. Go to "Permissions"

  3. Click on "Edit" in the Process Automation section of the permissions

  4. Search for the Application Key that you will be using for the Celonis Agent

  5. Grant the permission "Register Agents" to this Application Key