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Data Permissions Update


This Update affects all teams using the Data Permissions Feature on Data Models in the cloud. Hybrid/ LYDIP customers are not affected. Please read the following carefully if you are affected.

What happens?

In the night from 7th June to 8th June the default behavior for the Data Permissions changed. So far users not mentioned in the Data Permissions saw all data in analyses or views. This will change, after the update if Data Permissions on Data Models are in use, any user not mentioned in the Data Permissions will see no data anymore in analyses/ views. This might mean that users that had access to all data before, don't see any data in their analyses or views anymore. Data Permissions are unrelated to Usage Permissions, wherefore this change will affect Admins in the same way as Members or Analysts. For the majority of users, for which there is either a manual assignment or an entry in an applied permission table, everything stays as is. No changes are necessary for them.

Who has to take action?

Everyone who sees the banner marked in the picture on the right in one of their data pools on the data model overview page uses the affected feature and should consider a change. Otherwise you can stop reading here, since the change will not affect you.

If, in addition to using the Data Permissions feature, you can validate that there are users who are not mentioned in the manual assignment and are not part of an applied permission table, but who should see all data, please follow the step-by-step guide below.


Step-by-step guide to sustain data access rights

The following steps have to be conducted for each data model that qualified for this change in the above section.

1. Go to Admin and Settings by clicking on your profile bubble in the top right corner. In the drop-down click on 'Admin and Settings'

2. In the left hand side panel select 'Groups'

3. Hit the 'New Group' button, name your new group and add all persons who should see all data. Confirm the selection with a click on 'Save'. The team role may be 'Member', 'Analyst' or 'Admin'


4. Go back to your Data Permissions Screen (Click on Data Integration, select the appropriate Data Pool, click in the left hand sidepanel on 'Process Data Models', click on the three-dot-menu of the appropriate Data Model and hit 'Data Permissions')


5. On tab 'Manually Set User/Group Permissions' click 'Add User or Group'. Pick the Group you just created in step 3 and confirm with 'Done'

6. The assignment appears. Toggle the 'Unlimited access' button to turn green. A pop-up appears asking you if you want to grant unlimited access, confirm 'Grant Unlimited Access'

This approach also works if you use the table upload option. Another option here would be to add the users to the permission table and assign the permissions accordingly.


Note that the banner is fixed and will be displayed for all data models with data permissions, even if you followed these instructions and mention all users in the data permissions. We will remove it two weeks after the update.

Need help?

Please write an email to