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Celonis Product Documentation

Data Pool Set Up: Import/ Export Connection

Within the Inventory Management Data Model, the Data Transfer between Data Pools feature is used to access the already transformed data from the O2C, P2P, and PP data pools.


Make sure to notify the owners of the O2C, P2P, and PP data pools that the IM data pool will be importing their data. If there are changes to tables or columns in any of these source data pools, dependent transformations in the IM data pool will fail.

By aligning with the other data pool owners you can learn of any changes in advance and reduce friction for your users.

In order to access that data, you need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to the respective data pool (e.g., O2C).

  2. Click on the Export button at the bottom of the left side panel (if the button is not visible this feature might not be enabled).

  3. You will be transferred to the Export Data Connection page. Click the Export Data Connection button.

  4. Select the Materials Management Pool as the desired pool for data export, or select all pools if you wish for the data to be used elsewhere.

  5. Complete Steps 1-4 for all three data pools: O2C, P2P, and PP.

  6. Navigate to the Materials Management Pool.

  7. Select the Import button at the bottom of the left panel.

  8. Import the three connections you exported in the previous steps.

  9. After importing, synchronize each of the connections.