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Data Push API Basics
How it works
  • Creating a Push Job defines in which Data Pool, in which Data Connection and in which table data should be pushed.

  • You can also define a table schema and primary keys for delta loading when creating a Push Job.

  • You send data to the EMS by pushing chunks, either Parquet (preferred) or CSV.

  • Submitting a Push Job is asynchronous.

  • To check the status of the Push Job you need to list the Push Jobs which contains their status.


If you would like to connect and use the API, you need first need to create an API key or Application Key. With this unique key, you identify yourself with the API. You can generate an API key on the "Edit Profile" page which is user-specific.

Click on the "Create API Key" button in the "API-Keys" section. Copy the generated API Key to the clipboard (it is not possible to view the key again for security reasons).

If you forgot your API Key, delete the old one and generate a new one.

The alternative is an application key that can be created in Admin and Settings as a team admin.

Data Pool ID

Take the ID of the Data Pool which you want to populate with data. You can find it in the URL after entering your Data Pool in Data Integration.

If you also want the data grouped together with a specific Data Connection, note the ID of that data connection by taking it from the URL after clicking on it.