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Celonis Product Documentation

Data Push API

The Data Push API provides an easy way to transfer data into the Celonis EMS.

For pushing data, Celonis currently uses micro-batching. Instead of inserting either huge chunks all at once or inserting record by record, data meant to be pushed into the platform is structured into these so-called "micro-batches."

As an exchange format, the commonly used Parquet or CSV file format is used.

The API provides an easy way of creating, executing, and monitoring micro-batch jobs. After the data is available in the system, you can transform, analyze and work with it as you would with a Celonis-provided extractor.


There is a 1 GB data limit on each data chunk. In general, splitting data into smaller chunks than 1 GB makes sense. For a push job as a whole which can contain multiple chunks, there is no data limit.

The API to submit a push job is rate limited on a team basis. These limits are fixed to guarantee platform stability for all of our customers:

  • 10 requests/second

  • 250 requests/hour - The interval starts at the full hour (UTC based).