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Databricks JDBC connection

New data integration content available

You're currently viewing a data integration topic that has been replaced and will eventually be removed from our documentation.

For the latest data integration content, see: Data Integration.


Since version 2.71.0 of the JDBC extractor, it has been possible to connect to Databricks clusters natively via direct or uplink connections.

The new Databricks connection type is available as a Database flavor, to connect, choose a "Database" connection in the connection tiles, then choose "Databricks" from the database type field.

The new Databricks extractor uses the Databricks driver in its implementation, it supports connections to both "Data Science and Engineering" and "SQL Warehouse" clusters.

For "SQL Warehouse" clusters, you have to navigate to the advanced settings for the connection and set "Validate Certificate" to "REMOVED". This is equivalent to setting "database.validateCertificateSupported: false" in the application-local.yml for an uplink extractor.

How do I use personal access tokens to connect?

To read data from Databricks:

  1. Log in to your Databricks instance.

  2. Click your username and select User Settings.

  3. Go to Access Tokens.

  4. Click Generate.

  5. Make a copy of the token that Databricks generates.

  6. Log in to Celonis Platform.

  7. In Celonis Platform, navigate to Data Integration > Data Pool > Data Connection > New Data Connection.

  8. Select the Databricks tile or the Database tile with the type Databricks.

  9. Paste your Databricks token into the Personal Access Token field.