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Defining the KPIs the execution gap is displayed for
  1. Add the flag that you created in (3) and one or several KPI Ids (on click of these KPIs in the Control Center, this execution gap would show up in the list).

  2. Add these to the Custom Attributes:

potentialKpi: The KPI id that quantifies this execution gap’s business impact. Essentially the business impact this execution gap has on your supply chain. For example, the Total Inventory Value Of Obsolete Stock.

  1. baseView: This is the view key of the View used to analyze this execution gap. You can create a new view for the analysis you want to show, and then simply paste the view key here.

  2. infoKey: This is an outdated field that will soon be removed. It was used for storing information about the gap, but a better approach is coming soon. You can leave this field empty.

  1. The knowledgeObjectId of the anomaly should be INVENTORY_ANOMALY. That is the KnowledgeObjectId of the ‘Execution Gap Overview’. That view then references the correct execution gap view based on the viewKey defined here, and populates the potentialKpi in the Overview view from the kpi defined here.