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Celonis Product Documentation

Download Celonis Agent Package

Responsibility: Server/ infrastructure administrator

The Celonis Agent can be running locally or on a server on the company’s network. Most customers prefer to run it centrally on the Extractor Server.

We provide the Agent for Windows, Linux & MacOS.

Choosing the right Celonis Agent version


Action Flows: Please use Agent v1.0.x

If you are using Action Flows, please download our newest Celonis Agent version v1.0.x available on this page.

Skills: Please use Agent v0.4.x

Skills: If you are using Skills and the v0.4.x Celonis On-Prem Agent, please go to For Skills - Manually setting up Celonis Agent


You want to update an existing Agent to the newest Version? Have a look at the Update Guide(scroll down to the section 'Update to a new Version').


To download installer packages, reach out to Celonis Support.


We also provide an installer for the Celonis Agent that can be downloaded here: For Action Flows - Install the Celonis Agent via Installer.

Note: The installer is only available for Windows. For Linux or MacOS please follow For Action Flows - Manually setting up Celonis Agent and download the Agent below.


Please use the Linux version when installing the agent for MacOS

Release/Patch Notes





  • Updated HTTP connector

  • Added support for concurrent executions from the same connector



  • Added retry mechanism when the connection/read times out

  • Added retry mechanism when the Agent registration fails due to an Agent instance status conflict

  • SAP-related updates:

    • Added support for older SAP versions to generate metadata

    • Added support for changing parameters

    • Fixed error messages


New Agent Release - Updates compared to Agent v0.4.3:

  • Updated architecture to align with the Celonis SAP Extractor and to provide a shared installer.

  • Added functionalities: Run Agent as a Windows service

  • Updates in the installation guide:

    • Java 11 requirement added

    • Application.yml adjusted

    • SAP NW RFC SDK 7.5 changed to SAP JCo

  • Additional RFC permission required for RFC_METADATA_GET (if existent in SAP version used)