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Celonis Product Documentation

Downloading Celonis Agent Package

Responsibility: Server/ infrastructure administrator

The Celonis Agent can be running locally or on a server on the company’s network. Most customers prefer to run it centrally on the Extractor Server.

We provide the Agent forWindows & Linux.

Updating Celonis Agent

When updating your already existing Celonis Agent to a newer version, please make sure you follow the steps outlined below:

Your current version

Steps for updating the Agent

0.4.0 and older (before November 2020)

For all versions 0.4.0 and older we recommend to follow all steps in the For Skills - Manually setting up Celonis Agent

There were some major updates e.g. the system configuration moved from the application.yml to the Celonis team.

In particular, please note that the system requirements have been updated:

  • For Windows: Make sure you have all the necessary Microsoft Visual C++ Packages installed as explained here: Preparing Server for Celonis Agent

  • For SAP: Make sure you install the SAP NW RFC SDK.

later then 0.4.1 (after November 2020)

  • Download the latest version of the Agent and unpack it to the desired folder

  • Open the directory in which your Celonis Agent is located

    • For Windows: Replace file index.js with the one for the latest version of the Agent

    • For Linux: Replace process-automation-agent-linux with the one for the latest version of the Agent

Release/Patch Notes Celonis Agent




Bug fixes:

  • Issue with concurrent execution limit resolved

  • SAP input conversion improved


Bug fixes:

  • Connection issue resolved


Agent updates:

  • Simultaneous logging in both console and log file

  • Added support for SAP NW RFC SDK 7.50 PL 7

  • Leverx - Updated action

Bug fixes:

  • SAP ECC - Improved SAP date formating

  • SAP ECC - Improved SAP BAPI outputs


Agent updates:

  • Configure alerts to receive emails whenever your Agent is disconnected, see Monitoring

  • Configure your system connections directly in the Celonis team (instead of in the application.yml), see Adding System Connections

  • SAP ECC- Define a retry mechanism for failed executions

Hint: Please note that the step-by-step guide for setting up the Celonis Agent was updated.

2020-10-27_v0.4.0_ Windows

Agent updates:

  • Simplified setup of the SAP lib path variable

  • Additional logs for SAP errors

Hint: Please note that the step-by-step guide for setting up the Celonis Agent was updated.

Bug fixes:

  • UiPath - Missing input field is adjusted


Agent updates:

  • Agent status is now available in Celonis, see Testing Celonis Agent

  • Agent logs are now available for download in Celonis, see v0.4.3 - Logs of Celonis Agent

  • Support for multiple Celonis Agents per Celonis team

New features:

  • Oracle EBS - Execute Service Operation: New Action added, see Oracle EBS .

  • Support for SAP load balancing

Bug fixes:

  • UiPath - Make RobotID Field optional.


New features:

  • SMTP - Send Email: Connection field is now optional to support SMTP servers that do not require authentication

  • Jira - Add Comment: New Action added, see JIRA