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Downloading SAP Extractor Logs

On-premise extractor logs contain detailed information about the extraction process. They are very helpful when it comes to troubleshooting failed extractions, and the support team frequently requests them from the customer when a ticket is opened.

Since log files are stored on the Extractor Server, obtaining and sharing them is a time-consuming process and usually involves a lot of back and forth between the support team and the issue reporter.

This feature enables downloading SAP extraction logs directly from EMS. Support and product teams can get the logs on-demand, without putting this burden on the customer.

The feature is part of Data Integration release v1.35. It is available onlyfor on-premise extractors version 2020-04-28 or higher.

  • To download the logs navigate to Data Integration=> Data Connections, and open the three-dot menu for the respective connection.

  • In the pop up dialogue define the period for which you want to download the logs.