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Celonis Product Documentation

Duplicate Checking App

The Duplicate Checking App is purpose-built to address duplicate invoices that are often missed by ERPs only to get detected after the fact. The two typical avenues in which organizations today detect duplicates either require extremely manual resolution or require paying a percentage of recovered payments to an external entity. 

This app sits as an intelligent layer on top of your source systems’ data to detect duplicate invoices within the Accounts Payable process. The app groups invoices together that are suspected to be duplicates based on different patterns. Users can then review the identified potential duplicates with the help of a machine learning-based confidence score, provide feedback and take action accordingly, ultimately preventing unnecessary payments and invoice processing. The app also provides the possibility to automate the blocking of duplicate invoice payments.

Duplicate Checking App - Installation Guide

See the Installation Guide to get started with the Duplicate Checking App! It features step-by-step instructions on how to set up the app from the Marketplace.

Duplicate Checking App - User How-To Guide

See Action View - User How-To for more information and to start using the Duplicate Checking App! It provides an overview of the main features of the Action View.