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Celonis Product Documentation

Editing variables for the End-To-End Lead Times app

The End-To-End Lead Times app has Knowledge Model variables in the app package that you can edit to suit your business needs. You'll need ANALYST or ADMIN permissions to edit the values of any of these variables.

The app doesn't use runtime variables (in the app package) - all of the variables you need are in the Knowledge Model.

Follow these steps to edit the Knowledge Model variables:

  1. In the Celonis Platform navigation menu, select Studio.

  2. Find the End-To-End Lead Times app in your Studio Space navigation.

  3. Expand the app’s structure using the twisty, then expand the Knowledge Model folder.

  4. Select the Variables section of the visual editor to see a list of the Knowledge Model's variables.

  5. To change the value of any Knowledge Model variable, click its row to open an editor.

  6. After editing the value, click Save.

  7. When you’ve finished a batch of editing, publish a version of the app package. There's a Publish Package button at the top of all the screens in your Studio Space.

To use the app views, in the Celonis Platform navigation bar, go to Apps, and select the End-To-End Lead Times app. Using the End-To-End Lead Times app tells you how to analyze and act on your processes with the app.