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Celonis Product Documentation

Editing views for the End-To-End Lead Times app

Edit the End-To-End Lead Times app views in Studio if you need to:

  • Make any customizations and changes to suit your business process.

  • Change the look of the supplied views.

  • Include custom properties or relationships that you added to the Celonis object types used in the Inventory Management perspective from the object-centric data model.

Follow these steps to edit the End-To-End Lead Times app’s views:

  1. In the Celonis Platform navigation menu, select Studio.

  2. Find the End-To-End Lead Times app in your Studio Space navigation.

  3. Expand the app’s structure using the twisty, then expand the folders to find and select the view you want to edit.

  4. In the view, click Edit Mode or press Ctrl + Shift + E to enter edit mode.

  5. Click the Edit Component button on any component to go to the component editor. Here you can add and remove data fields shown in a table or chart, change sorting and display attributes, add action buttons, and other edits, as relevant for the component type.

  6. When you’ve finished editing a component, click Save to save and exit.

  7. When you’ve finished editing all the components you want to, click Save to save the view, then click Exit Edit Mode to lock it again.

  8. When you’ve finished editing all the views you want to, publish a version of the app package. There's a Publish Package button at the top of all the screens in your Studio Space.

To use the app views, in the Celonis Platform navigation bar, go to Apps, and select the End-To-End Lead Times app. Using the End-To-End Lead Times app tells you how to analyze and act on your processes with the app.