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Celonis Product Documentation

Example: Converting from the from-currency to the to-currency


This example shows the output of the net sales value converted into the target currency. There are no other operators like aggregations at play. If used in a table with the Sales Order Item’s primary keys, you would simply see the net sales order item value for that item.

This same approach applies to the other currency conversions that are performed throughout the application, such as for inventory value on hand, material consumptions and replenishments.

   displayName: Inventory on Hand (Val)   
   pql: |     
            CURRENCY_CONVERT_SAP (         
                '${{to-currency}}' -- currency you would like to convert to (updated automatically by the package variable)         
                ,'${{currency-conversion-type}}' -- currency conversion type (updated automatically by package variable)         
                ,"VBAP"."MANDT" -- Client column for VBAP         
                ,'${{from-currency}}' -- currency you are converting from (updated automatically by the package variable)          
                ,"VBAP"."TS_ERDAT" -- date that you wish to use for the conversions         
                ,"VBAP"."NETWR_CONVERTED" -- Net value converted field as transformed in the Data Transformation       
          , 0.0)   
   unit: " ${{to-currency}}"   
   format: .3s