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Celonis Product Documentation

Execution Applications Release Notes

Duplicate Checker 1.2.0
  • [New] Added “Amount Overbooked” to “Validated Cases” table

  • [Enhancement] Replaced “Group ID” attribute with “Group UUID” in all views

  • [Enhancement] Changed “Group Pattern” attribute to be determined via PQL (including “Multiple”) instead of the value in “GROUP_PATTERN” field

  • [Enhancement] Improved „Duplicate Value (valid)” KPI to account for multiple duplicates in one group (see definition under „About this App”)

  • [Enhancement] Enabled table export and hide columns in all tables

  • [Enhancement] Enabled copy to clipboard in all table fields

  • [Enhancement] Aligned “Validated Cases” table in terms of “Group Pattern”, “Company Code” and “Vendor” columns

  • [Fix] Changed the currency symbol runtime variable into a knowledge model variable (“CURRENCY_SYMBOL”)

  • [Fix] Adjusted „Group Contains” attribute to account for multiple clearing activities per document

How to upgrade:

In your package, go to Settings > Dependencies. Check whether you want to duplicate or replace copied assets (This only affects Skills).


If you choose to duplicate assets, delete the additional ML sensor. If you choose to replace assets, you will lose your existing configuration. Also, make sure to check your views before publishing.

Duplicate Checker 1.1.0
  • [New] Added in-app documentation via “About this App” button

  • [Enhancement] Split company code and vendor attribute

  • [Enhancement] Profile view is now opened via “Group Pattern” column

  • [Enhancement] Added currency symbol run-time variable

  • [Enhancement] Added currency symbol run-time variable

  • [Enhancement] Changed KM_NAME variable to be compatible with first-time installation

  • [Fix] Adjusted “Group Level Task” filters