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Celonis Product Documentation

Execution Management System (EMS)

The benefits of Celonis Execution Management System (EMS):

  • Enables next-level business transformation

  • No installations and always up-to-date

  • End-to-end user experience

Overview of Celonis Execution Management System (EMS)

Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) has Process Mining Technology as its base, which supports the rest of Celonis products, from data gathering to exploring, analyzing, and devising solutions.

Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud comprises the following range of products:

Your team in EMS is specific to your organization. It comprises members of your organization that your team admin invited. Note that the array of licensed products may differ depending on your team’s license.

  • Studio & PQL: Transparency into how your process runs

  • Data Integration: Flexible development platform for data integration projects. New Celonis Connector Technology

  • Action Engine: Guides everyone in an organization to contribute to successful business transformation

  • Transformation Center: Make insights actionable and easily collaborate with peers

  • Marketplace: Instead of weeks of IT setup, install and setup Marketplace Apps with a couple of clicks


Process Analytics by Celonis EMS provides you with insights into how your process is. With Process Discovery, process visualizations show you what’s happening in your processes; so you can quickly identify opportunities to increase revenue, free capital, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Studio and PQL

More information on Celonis Studio and PQL can be found here: Documentation for Celonis Studio & Process Query Language (PQL).


To learn more about Process Analytics and PQL, check out free online training tracks: Review and Interpret Analysis (3h) and Build Analysis Advanced (6h).

  • Automatically identify the most common process and gain complete visibility into all process variants and process-focused KPIs.

  • Root Cause Analysis: Find root causes of process violations with machine-learning embedded components. With social analytics, it is possible to see the people and their collaboration behind the plain process.

  • Conformance Checker: An automated conformance check compares the as-is process with the desired process template.

  • Advanced visualizations: Design your data analysis to your specifications to gain the most from your insights. An extensive library of charts and graphs helps you create the most effective visual impact with your data.

  • Freedom from programming and complete flexibility: Use Process Query Language (PQL) to communicate easily with our process mining technology. Specialized process mining functions and a visual programming interface help you to find answers to the most relevant process questions.

Data Integration

Data Integration integrates and transforms data from many source systems into Celonis Execution Management System. It allows you to set up automatic data pipelines which provide a loaded data model to all other services in Celonis Execution Management System. Its main benefits include:

  • End-to-end solution: Data integration made with the process mining use case in mind

  • Easy set-up: Configuration through an intuitive UI

  • Up-to-date data: Small, frequent, and configurable delta loads

  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure: Possibility of large data volumes both on-premise and in the cloud

  • Multi-functional: SAP and other systems can be connected


More information on Celonis Data Integration can be found here: Documentation for Celonis Data Integration.


To learn more about Data Integration, check out the free online training track: Get Data into EMS (6h).


Action Engine


The Celonis Action Engine helps you to involve everyone in your organization in the transformation journey. Action Engine operationalizes insights by proactively providing your business users with personalized recommendations for action. For example, assume that you want to optimize the cash discount realization in your Accounts Payable process. Action Engine can continuously analyze your open invoices, detect the ones with advancing discount expiry, notify the responsible business users and allow them to trigger the payment directly.

More information on Celonis Action Engine can be found here: Documentation for Celonis Action Engine

Transformation Center

Objectives with measurable KPIs build the core of the Transformation Center. They provide a global overview across all different processes in your team. With the data collected in Data Integration, it is possible to see the development of KPIs, track changes, and harness the full power of Celonis’ own Process Query Language (PQL).

Based on the goals you define for certain KPIs, you can define actions that can be assigned and executed by your team members.

Integrated Success Stories to document your achievements. Share them among your team members and document the progress on your transformation journey.

To foster transformational change within your organization and encourage collaboration on joint goals, users can subscribe to individual KPIs and comment on their progress.

With Transformation Center, you can:

  • Resolve silos and provide the complete picture across your company

  • Utilize our best practices on how to accelerate the change process.

  • Drive a culture of change and provide visibility to success.

More information on Celonis Transformation Center can be found here: Documentation for Celonis Transformation Center



More information on Marketplace can be found here: Documentation for Celonis Marketplace


Release Notes

For more information on recent changes in the EMS, please visit our "Release Notes"


To learn more about Execution Management System, check out free online training from Celonis Academy: Celonis Kickstarter (45 min).