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Celonis Product Documentation

Extractor for SAP ECC 4.6C and SAP ECC 5.0

The Extractors for SAP ECC 4.6C and for SAP ECC 5.0 allow to connect to these specific SAP versions, which are not supported by the standard Extractor.

For SAP ECC 5.0 the usual SAP connection type can be used, whereas for SAP 4.6C a separate connection type is available.

Note: The SAP 4.6C connection type is not visible by default and will be activated on request.


The extractors are implemented the same way as the standard SAP Connection, with the exception that a separate RFC module (available here) needs to be used for each version. The standard on-premise Extractor .jar file can be used.

For both Extractors (4.6C & 5.0) there are specific features that are not supported. They are stated in the following table.



Connection type

(when creating new Data Connection)


SAP 4.6C

Required RFC module

(Download Section)


Celonis_RFC_Data Extraction_ECC4.6C

Unsupported features

  • "Buffer chunks in memory for validation"

  • Changelog Extractions

  • Connection via middleware

    (SAP PI/PO and Message Server)

  • Pseudonymisation

  • Changelog Extractions

  • Joins within the Extraction

  • Connection via middleware

    (SAP PI/PO and Message Server)

  • Advanced settings