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Celonis Product Documentation

Extractor Validation with warning state (15.01.2021)

To avoid common extraction error a warning mechanism has been implemented that automatically validates table configuration. There are three different warning states displayed: no warning (green), your configuration is valid. Warning (orange/red), your configuration is invalid and the extraction will fail (e.g. for a database connection an additional filter is set for a column that doesn't exist in the source system for this table). Additionally, a recommendation on how to solve the issue is depicted. The validation is done on the table which is currently selected.The validations currently implemented are:

Source system



Check whether column name defined in filter statement exists in the source database.

SAP Ariba

Validate whether time filters are defined as required per API and display columns that might cause errors due to an invalid json response returned from the API.

Oracle Cloud

Verify whether time filters are set on currency conversion tables as required in the API query.