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FAQ - Marketplace

If you cannot see the Get it Now button on the details page, it likely means that your team has not licensed the particular process or needs to request access to our new Limited Availability content. Please submit a Service Desk request and we will look into it for you

We made it simple for you to request installation of any App from their Admin by clicking Request Installation From Your Admin. We've also made it just as easy for the Admin to respond to those requests with one click.

Alternatively, if you're an Analyst and would like to install Apps and Assets yourself, you can request necessary permissions with your Admin. To install Apps, you must have the "Create Space" permission. To install Connectors, you must have the "Create Data Pool" permission.

If the App is already installed you can request view permissions by clicking Request View Permissions in EMS From Admin.

The partner is notified immediately of your request. The Partner and your Celonis representative will work with you to define next steps for you to access the Partner Solution.

Yes, you can use the search bar to search for any process or any other criteria, even if the value doesn't exist in one of the predefined filters. The search results will show all content types relevant for your search.

The new Request an App feature enables Business Users to request the installation of content from Admin/Analyst users permissions within their organization with just one click. At the same time, Admins and Analysts can act to install these Apps with just a click right from their email.

All the requested Apps by Business Users can be found in this new Requests section, additionally, e-mail notifications will be sent in order to take action on requests.

We allow users to save Apps and Assets as favorites to take action in the future. The new Favorites marketplace page allows the user to manage these selections, and for Admins to see all the saved Apps and Assets from all the users in their teams.

Admins are sent Marketplace install requests when there's a new version of an app or an asset that they requested. You can disable these notifications for yourself by going to Marketplace Actions > User Preferences in the Celonis Marketplace footer, and unchecking "Enable notifications for requested Apps and Assets". To disable these notifications from Marketplace for all Admins in a team, contact .