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Celonis Product Documentation

Features to activate for Execution Apps in Backend


Those features are only allowed to be activated for internal teams, by Product Managers. Customer or Partner teams need to go via the servicedesk.

If you have activated these toggles for a team, please make sure to document it here


SAP customer do not get access to KMs, Views and Smart Sensors.

  • Studio App

    • Knowledge Models

    • Business Views

    • Skills

    • Analysis

  • EMS Automation (ems-automation) (= Action Flows)

  • Automation (process-automation) (= Skills)

  • Process Automation V2 (process-automation-v2) (= Skills + Action Flows)

  • Process Automation Broker (process-automation-broker) (= Celonis on-prem Agent)


Execution Apps will have both Skills and Action Flows enabled.

Process Automation Blocks: (=Tasks and Skills)
  • Celonis: Smart Sensor

  • Celonis: Update Augmented Attribute

  • Celonis: Machine Learning Sensor

  • Celonis: Execute Action Flows

  • Celonis: Create Task

  • Celonis: Create Alert

  • Celonis: Update Tasks(s)

  • Celonis: Get Tasks

  • Optional: Celonis: Write data to table (continuous Data Push API)


(Please note: ems-automation = Scenarios = Action Flows)