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Celonis Product Documentation

For Action Flows - Manually setting up Celonis Agent

This guide provides step-by-step instructions how to manually set up the Celonis On-Prem Agent for Action Flows.

Install the Celonis Agent
Step 1: Set up Server for the Celonis Agent

(responsible role: server/ infrastructure administrator)

Information on the hardware and software requirements of the server for Celonis Agent can be found here: Set up server for Celonis Agent

Step 2: Download & unpack Celonis Agent package

(responsible role: server/ infrastructure administrator)

The Celonis Agent package is available for download here: Download Celonis Agent Package

Step 3: Create Application Key and grant permission "Register Agents"

(responsible role: Celonis administrator)

Information on creating the Application Key and granting the correct permission can be found here: Create Application Key for Celonis Agent

Step 4: Configure Application.yml file

(responsible role: Server/ infrastructure administrator)

Information on configuring the application.yml file for Celonis Agent can be found here: Configure Application.yml for Celonis Agent

Step 5 (optional): Connect to SAP

(responsible role: SAP basis & server/ infrastructure administrator)

Information on connecting to SAP can be found here: Connect to SAP

Note: This step is only required when automating in SAP.

Step 6: Start Celonis Agent

(responsible role: Server and infrastructure administrator)

Information on starting Celonis Agent can be found here: Start the Celonis Agent

Step 7: Add System Connections

(responsible role: Celonis analyst)

Information on adding system connections can be found here: Add System Connections

Update to a New Version

You can choose between two options on how to update:

Download the newest version of the Agent and go through the manual step-by-step guide.

This will register a new Agent in your team.

  1. Your Agent should be registered and turned off, you can check this in Studio

  2. Download the newest version of the Agent here.

  3. Replace specific .jar files in the folder of your Agent with the new ones downloaded in the step before

    1. celonis-agent.jar

    2. connectors files

  4. Restart the Agent as described here.

  5. When checking the Agent in Studio the Version should be updated and the Agent running

(Re-)Configure the Agent

After installing the Agent, you can (re-)configure the Agent for specific setups instead of rerunning the complete installation for small changes. The workflow can be found here in order to rename the agent or set limit for concurrent executions.