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From Process Analytics to Studio

  • Ensure you have the required permissions (to create new packages etc.).

  • Note that, in addition to the existing permissions on Package and Asset level, permissions can also be given on an individual Space level.

Migration Steps

Step 1:

Right-click the three dots of the workspace and select Copy to Studio from the context menu.


Step 2:

Select a Studio Space.

The 'Default' space is always available for you to select.

To create your own custom Space, navigate to Studio and create one. More details on this can be found here.


Step 3:

Write the package name that you want to create in Studio.


Step 4:

You will receive a summary of what is being migrated, clicking Export will export the whole workspace to Studio.


Step 5:

Wait until your package has migrated successfully then click Open Package in Studio to view the migrated workspace.


Video Walkthrough



After migrating workspaces from the process analytics to the Studio, all permissions need to be assigned again for the created Studio package.


Migration of Workspaces from the Process Analytics includes all bookmarks that are set in the Analyses.