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Celonis Product Documentation

Generic SOAP PI/PO Extractor for SAP

The generic SOAP PI/PO Extractor allows to connect to SAP ECC via the PI/PO middleware using SOAP Adapters.

In SAP Connection form Select PI/PO as the Middleware, SOAP as adapter and fill in the connection details as described here.


You will need to involve the customer's SAP administration team to get the WSDL files for the PI/PO SOAP endpoints.


The extractor is implemented the same way as the standard SAP on-premise Extractor with the exception that instead of the standard .jar file, the PI/PO extractor .jar file should be used.

  1. Download the on-premise extractor package and the SOAP PI/PO connector from this page.

  2. Rename the connector-sap-soap-pipo.jar file to connector-sap.jar.

  3. Replace the .jar file in the extractor package with that of the PI/PO.

  4. Go ahead with the standard steps of SAP on-premise Extractor.