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Celonis Product Documentation

Getting started


Getting Started with SAP
  • Celonis Agent for Action Flows (>v1.0) installed: Installing

  • SAP system compatible to JCo (minimum v3.1) provided by SAP: Connect to SAP

  • SAP system connection to Celonis Agent : Add System Connections

  • SAP credentials:

    • Username and Password for SAP

    • sufficient permissions for the SAP action you want to perform

Establish a connection to your SAP account

1. Go to your Action Flow and select the connection from the drop-down menu Connection

If the connection has not been created yet, please follow these steps.

1. Go to your Action Flow and open the SAP module's Create a connection dialog (see left)
2. Fill in the dialog fields as follows:
Connection nameEnter a name for the connection
UsernameEnter your SAP account's login username.
PasswordEnter your SAP account's login password.
System Connection NameSelect the environment to which you want to connect. If you are using two different SAP systems for testing and productive, this could be e.g. SAP Sandbox and SAP Productive.If you want to learn more about how to add system connections, please have a look at Add System Connections.
3. Click Continue.
The connection has been established.