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Celonis Product Documentation

Getting Started in EMS

Kickstart your transformation journey and follow our guides to be a business transformation hero! Here are the most frequent starter journeys.

Getting Started by Project Role

Here are some preliminary steps to get you up and running with Celonis EMS. We've indicated who might take ownership of each one:

  • An IT Administrator connects systems and sets up users and permissions.

  • A Data Engineer or Analyst uploads local data (if any), creates a data model, and validates the data and processes.

  • A Business Analyst creates new analyses, reviews, and analyzes data from multiple processes.

Getting Started by Task

Below is a list of everyday tasks that need to be performed to use EMS effectively. Based on the roles in your organization, some tasks require specialized skills. Refer to the chart above for information by role.

Set up A User Management System

Connect the EMS to your central user management system

Connect Uploaded File

Upload your local file and start analyzing your process.

Connect SAP Process

Connect an SAP process with the App Store packages.

Install App Store Analysis

You can go ahead and install an App Store use case.

Explore your Process Data

Take a first look at your process data, and explore and share the details of your processes.

Analyze Multiple Processes

Could you link your processes with the Multi-Event Log Technology?

Invite Colleague

Invite a colleague to your EMS team.

Build Execution Apps

Use the Studio to build Execution Apps