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Celonis Product Documentation

High-level Overview

The AR Starter kit is purpose-built for the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) and works out-of-the-box with the Celonis SAP ECC Accounts Receivable Connector. No additional source systems are covered by this standard app.

  1. Set up the Connection to an SAP system from Celonis:

    1. Set up the extractor server

    2. Configure the connection

  2. Install and configure the SAP-ECC Accounts Receivable Real-Time Process connector from the EMS Marketplace.

  3. Install the Accounts Receivable Starter Kit App from the Marketplace:

    1. Select the app in the EMS Marketplace

    2. Assign your SAP A/R Data Model to the data variable

  4. Finish the setup:

    1. Validate and customize the Knowledge Model and runtime variables

    2. Implement KPI customizations in KM

    3. Implement customizations in Views

* You can skip to Step 3 if an A/R DM is in place.